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Invest in real estate?

Marbinvest invests in various residential and commercial real estate projects. We mainly focus on renovation projects such as unfinished apartment complexes, in order to convert them to modern standards and then, depending on the project, to rent or sell them. This can give you a return of up to 9.9%.

Up to 9.9% yield on your investment
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Start investing in real estate

You can participate in our projects. In order to be able to finance our new projects, we issue bonds. The average duration per project is 4 years with a return up to 9.9% per year. We only invest in projects on the best locations so that they can be sold or rented out quickly. Read more

Also with smaller amounts

Even with smaller amounts you can now invest in real estate projects. We offer a kind of crowdfund platform, with which various (private) parties invest in our projects.

Different real estate projects

We continuously offer new projects. These projects may differ in terms of return and possible risk. For example, you can invest in several projects at the same time, or choose a project with the lowest possible risk.

Yield & duration

Depending on the project you have chosen, we can offer you a solid return on investment. Some projects we sell, which means that the duration is limited, others are rented out for a longer period of time, so that you receive a longer return on your investment.

How does investing via Marbinvest work?

New investment projects

We are constantly looking for new real estate projects to invest in. As soon as we have found a project that meets our requirements, it will appear on our website.


Invest in a project

Once you have found a project you want to invest in, click on "invest". You can then invest directly with an amount of your choice.


You receive return automatically

During the term of your chosen project you will receive your return, which can be paid out per month, quarter or per year.


End of term

When the project has ended, for example because it has been sold. Then you will receive your deposit back plus the last return. You can also choose to reinvest in a new project.

Real estate investments

Invest in our real estate projects

We offer some investment projects in which you can easily invest. Depending on the project you have chosen, you will receive a return of 2 to 10 years, after which you will receive your investment back.

Our projects
Villa project 21 Marbella - Marbella
Villa project 21 Marbella Marbella
Projected return9.0%
Marbinvest Marbella #IX - Marbella
Marbinvest Marbella #IX Marbella
Projected return8.5%

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