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You can participate in our projects. In order to be able to finance our new projects, we issue bonds. The average duration per project is 4 years with a return up to 9.9% per year. We only invest in projects on the best locations so that they can be sold or rented out quickly.

About Marbinvest

Marbinvest is a property developer in the south of Spain. We invest in various residential and commercial real estate projects. We mainly invest in renovation projects such as unfinished apartment complexes in order to convert them to modern standards and then, depending on the project, to rent or sell them.

Thanks to many years of experience on the southern Spanish coast, we know the right locations and what the customer wants, so we achieve an excellent return every year.

In order to be able to finance our projects, we issue real estate bonds. The term of these bonds varies per project and ranges from 2 to 10 years. We offer you a maximum return of 9.9%.

History of Marbinvest

Since 2006, the founders of Marbinvest have been closely involved in renovating and preparing housing projects for sale. Through these years of experience in the construction, sale and management of properties, a wealth of knowledge and perhaps even more importantly a very extensive network has been built up on the Spanish coast.

Real estate projects under own management

This knowledge has been used since 2013 to initiate projects under our own management. We currently limit ourselves to the purchase of existing villas and apartment complexes, that our team of architects, construction companies and estate agents can develop.

Because we work closely with many local real estate agents, we know exactly what buyers from Great Britain, Germany, the Netherlands and the Scandinavian countries are currently demanding from their future homes.

This approach and short lines of communication keep costs low and revenues high, making our business plan one of the most successful in the Spanish region.

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