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You can participate in our projects. In order to be able to finance our new projects, we issue bonds. The average duration per project is 4 years with a return up to 9.9% per year. We only invest in projects on the best locations so that they can be sold or rented out quickly.

Why invest in Spanish real estate?

Since 2006 (two years before the crisis) decreased housing prices on the Costa del Sol. This was due to several causes and in late 2007 early 2008 the global crisis hit the market. On the Costa del Sol house prices fell first in Europe and they were also the leader in the real estate crisis. Being the first also means that it stopped here first as well.

Currently home prices are still low. You can buy for unprecedented prices apartments and houses. And the prices are since 2014 slowly rising again. Although the prices went slighty up again, you can still buy cheap. There is an increasing demand for well build properties from people from the North of Europe. This will keep the prices rising.

Invest in Marbella real estate

Low interest rate at your own bank

The interest rate you recieve on your savings at your own bank, is currently historically low. Therefore it is an excellent opportunity to look into other investment options right now. We offer a return that is many times higher than what you would get at your own bank.

Bankcrisis in Europe

How sure are you of the stability of your bank? What if the bank goes bankrupt, you can still your (savings) money? When you invest in a (second) home in Spain, you are assured that you have a property that will retain its value.

Guaranteed success

Additionally, Spain is the holiday destination for Northern Europeans for a very long time. An excellent infrastructure, good and affordable health care and a warm climate. Many already have a second home or would like to have a second home under the Spanish sun. A second home in Spain is also an ideal property to rent out. Especially now that the region around Marbella will be enhanced by a new luxury port in the coming years. And the extension of the train from Malaga to Algeciras will make Marbella easier to reach from the airport.

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