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You can participate in our projects. In order to be able to finance our new projects, we issue bonds. The average duration per project is 4 years with a return up to 9.9% per year. We only invest in projects on the best locations so that they can be sold or rented out quickly.

Marbinvest Risk Rating

Our Risk Rating is a rating ranging from A to E that allows you to easily compare the risks of investments on our platform. Our risk rating indicates the relative weighted risk of an individual series of bonds.

An E-rating has a higher risk than an A-rating, so the return on a project with a lower rating is higher, due to the higher risk. However, this does not mean that an investment is per se better or worse for you as an investor.

Real Estate investment rating tool

Evaluation of projects

The score may be higher or lower, depending on various factors. Some examples are:


  • Core urban area in a top 10 city
  • Suburban or secondary urban market
  • Rural or emerging real estate market


  • 90%+ leased with stable cash-flow
  • Partially vacant with some cash-flow
  • No leases in place and zero cash flow

Development Phase

  • Management of an existing asset with no major improvements required
  • Existing asset with rehab or redevelopment work required
  • Raw land with entitlements and/or new construction required

Secured by the Property

  • The property is collateral for the investment
  • No property guaranty in place

Our projects

Marbinvest Risk Rating explained

Our rating system is not to measure the quality or suitability of an investment.

We research every new project in many areas. We only take on 5 to 10% of the projects offered to us. However, you should always do your own due diligence. We do not give you investment advice. The ratings are not intended as a prediction of how a project will actually perform. Nor should you interpret them as a prediction of how a particular project will perform.

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